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27 Οκτ 2007
Νεα κυκλοφορια για το Neo Geo CD
Τωρα υπαρχει η λυση του να τρεξει κανεις παιχνιδια απο μια SD διχως να ανυσηχει για περισσοτερα καμμενα δισκακια και προβληματικα drives.

How hard is it to install ?

Installation requires some soldering, but nothing too hard. There's no need to cut plastic or shielding on the console.
If needed, the whole kit can be easily and cleanly removed.
Can it run games I have downloaded ?

Yes, just like you could run them by using CD-Rs. The loader doesn't circumvent any anti-piracy features since the NeoGeo CD doesn't have any.
If you like indie games though, please buy them :)
Can I keep the original CD drive ?

Yes. The original CD drive can be kept operational if needed, but the SD card slot board will have to be relocated and cutting of the console shell may be necessary.
Can it run AES/MVS games which didn't have a CD release ?

No, except if a conversion exists. A few games have been converted but not all.
The loader can't automatically split a cartridge game to add in loading screens. For most games this would be a very complex process.
Is it compatible with the Unibios ?

No, but maybe one day. It depends on how things can be worked out with Razoola.
What SD card do I need ?

The full NeoGeo CD library fits on a 64GB SD card. Speed (class) isn't important, any will do.
The slot is for a full size SD card, so you will need an adapter if you want to use a microSD one.

Only SDSC, SDHC and SDXC cards are supported. WiFi-enabled SD cards may work but are NOT tested.
How is the firmware and menu updated ?

Both can be updated by placing an update file on the SD card. Updates are provided for everyone and for free.
Can it run the game I'm creating ? Other homebrew ?

Yes. If you burn it to a CD and it works on an un-modded console, then it will work with the loader.
No guarantees that it'll work perfectly if you only tried it in an emulator. Making it work on the real console is up to you !

The firmware doesn't rely on a list of known games. It will load any ISO as long as its file structure matches the one required by the BIOS. This means existing and future homebrew games can be loaded without updates.
Does using an expensive SD card make loading even faster ?

Using an ultra-fast luxury SD card won't improve loading times. The speed is limited by the console's memory. Even my oldest and slowest 128MB card currently isn't maxed out.
Is it serial-locked or are there any firmware DRM ?

No. I keep a list of the serial numbers of kits I build, but they aren't associated with any of your personal information. This is used to keep track of which hardware version is each kit to make customer service simpler.
Are the design files and source code available ?

Not yet. They will be published after I have sold enough kits to secure a minimum profit.
What if a game has problems ? How can I suggest improvements ?

Send me an e-mail:
If a valid game/rip has problems loading or running, please indicate which one it is, where did you get it (ripped it yourself, what website...), and what is the problem (doesn't load, freezes, glitches...).
I will investigate and provide an update as soon as possible.

About improvements, depending on the usefulness and the effort needed to implement, I will try to include them in a future update.

Technical details:

The first time the loader is used or after a software update is done, it automatically goes through the patching process. This is to avoid having to distribute the copyrighted BIOS as part of the software. Only the patch is provided, the rest comes from your console.

Each game must be in its own folder at the root of the SD card. The folders and files can be freely named.
The ISO files are recognized by extension.
The WAV files are recognized by extension and track number (02, 03...).
The CUE file isn't needed.

WAV files MUST be in 44100Hz 16-bit stereo WAV format (the usual format for CD audio tracks). No MP3s.

If your rip has MP3 tracks, you can convert them to the appropriate WAV format with software such as Audacity.
Be aware that MP3 is a lossy format, so you won't get the original quality back.

The first kits will be ready between december 2019 and january 2020. Price: 75.00€
Paypal fee included.
See to convert in another currency.
No pre-orders. Payment will be requested only when kits are ready to ship.
Max 2 orders per address, except if you provide installation services (and can prove it).

Visit this page to register to the waiting list.

Worldwide tracked and insured shipping.
FR: 6.50€, most of the EU: 12.50€, rest of the world: 24.50€.
Currently looking for cheaper options for US, AU and CAN.

Οχι ασχημη τιμη δεδομενου της καταστασης στο μηχανημα!


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