The Space Adventure Simulator - SAM Coupe


29 Απρ 2007
Νέο παιχνίδι για τον Sam Coupe από το Rob -WubSoft- Evans που μεταξύ άλλων, μας έχει δώσει τα "Wubtris" και "The Garden Centre of the Universe".
Πρόκειται για ένα science fiction - space adventure game, με στοιχεία διαχείρισης πόρων και turn based μαχών.


The crew of the ship will give you most of the instructions or commands when needed.
The main console can be switched between a green or blue colour scheme with the commands 'blu' and 'grn'.

The key to the game is building up a good supply of resources in the ships cargo hold. Once you have a variety of metals and gases the crew will begin to upgrade the ship.
Metals and special objects can be found on planets and moons, or found in the debris fields after a battle. Gases can be harvested from gas giants or stars.

The battles are turn based and are a bit like Battleships. The difference is that each enemy ship is contained within a 5x5 grid that is obscured. When hit, the enemy will be revealed and can be hit repeatedly until you run out of shots.
If the enemy moves after being hit the security officer will re-scan the area and the process begins again. The bigger enemy ships require more hits to destroy, and get more shots to fire at you, so it's important to employ a bit of strategy. Being lucky also helps.

The game can only be reset by rebooting the Sam completely, death is not the end! Restarting with the NMI button will not help you..

Good luck Captain!

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