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9 Ιαν 2006
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At last, here's a new demo of the OutRun engine. The entire game is ported, aside from sound and the service mode.

In terms of functionality, this release is bare bones. There is no menu system yet, all options are hardcoded and you have to play the game windowed.

It would be great if you could report bugs (and I'm sure there will be plenty) in the comments below. Please verify any subtleties against MAME for reference.


Cursors: Steering

Z: Accelerate

X: Brake

Space: Gear Change

5: Insert Coin

1: Start

F1: Pause

F2: Advance a frame when paused (useful for observing visual problems)

F3: Toggle/Freeze timers. (i.e. infinite time)

In a future revision, there will be options to custom the controls and the analogue sensitivity. I find MAME's default setup too twitchy, so you'll find the steering a little more heavy in comparison.

Enhancements over original:

60 frames a second. The original game runs at 30fps.

Ability to render more level objects. Levels render as originally designed.

Erroneous shadow fix

Sprite zoom fix

Correct millisecond value shown on passing checkpoint

Steering bug

Misplaced tile on music selection screen fixed

In a future revision, enhancements will be optional and there will be a menu toggle to enable/disable them.


OutRun Revision B ROMs. They must be named correctly and placed in the roms subdirectory. No other set will work. Although you can use the patched set from OutRun Enhanced Edition. I would recommend running the demo from the console to see any error messages.

Microsoft Visual C++ runtime libraries.
Προέλευση: http://reassembler.blogspot.gr/

Χωρις ηχο προς το παρων :( αλλα που θα παει κι αυτος :wink: ....

D/load >>>>>> http://massdestruction.co.uk/outrun/outrun_tech_demo2.zip
[h=3]Cross Platform Support[/h]

Thanks to everyone who tried the recent Visual Studio based build for Windows. The plan is to ensure this becomes a true cross platform project, not tied to a particular operating system or architecture. I like to think of it as "OutRun Everywhere", making the world a better place

;) Thanks to some work from a friend, who knows far more about this sort of thing than me, this is close to becoming a reality.
The code now successfully compiles and runs on both a Mac with XCode IDE support and the Windows MinGW compiler. Other platforms will shortly follow, including Linux and the Raspberry PI if performance allows.

We're using CMake, the cross platform, open-source build system. This automates the creation of build files for a whole range of target platforms. We're able to generate builds for a whole host of platforms and configurations.

The C++ libraries have been switched to Boost. This provides an open-source cross platform alternative to facilitate portability.

I can't take credit for the above, but I have started decompilation work on the Z80 code that controls the sound hardware (both the custom Sega PCM sample player and the Yamaha YM2151). This is my main area of focus and will take some time. So far, I've commented the code that triggers the PCM samples. Ultimately, I'd love to give players the choice of emulating the original sound hardware or streaming audio from disk, similar to the approach used by the Sega Saturn conversion.

Κι οπως το ειπε "

Other platforms will shortly follow, including Linux and the Raspberry PI if performance allows. "

Here's a screenshot of the OutRun engine running on a Raspberry Pi. The display is being output on X11 via SSH. It hasn't been tried on the native Pi display yet.

I've decided to name the OutRun engine Cannonball, after the 1981 Cannonball Run film that Yu Suzuki was inspired by.

Μα Μπλε αμάνικο & το άσπρο παντελόνι Δεκεμβρη μηνα???


Ασφαλως θελει και ρωτημα .

This is just the beginning. Future releases will include a full menu, proper control, video & audio configuration plus an array of options and game modes not present in the original game.


I'm hoping to find OutRun enthusiasts who will port Cannonball to a variety of platforms. I'd love to see Linux, Mac, Wii, Raspberry Pi and other platforms supported. I will facilitate serious offers of help. We can ensure that any changes make it into the master branch, so it's easy to keep ports up to date.


The codebase isn't perfect; the original code from 1986 can prove messy and inconsistent. Some of this is naturally carried through to the rewrite. For now, the focus has been on the accuracy of the conversion, at the expense of serious refactoring. But that's not to say this isn't a viable future goal. And I've been working on this long enough, it's time to release.


Why do this? Because I love OutRun, and no one else would have done. Thanks to those who have followed the project up to this point. Any questions - post them below!

Cannonball - The Enhanced OutRun Engine

Cannonball is a program which allows you to play an enhanced version of Yu Suzuki's seminal arcade racer, OutRun, on a variety of systems.

Cannonball is not an emulator; it is a complete rewrite of the original game into portable C++. Cannonball requires the original data files which contain the graphics, sound and level data. Please note that no portions of the original game are included in this package.


  • Cursors: Steering
  • Z: Accelerate
  • X: Brake
  • Space: Gear Change
  • 5: Insert Coin
  • 1: Start
  • F1: Pause
  • F2: Advance a frame when paused (useful for observing visual problems)
  • F3: Toggle/Freeze timers. (i.e. infinite time)




Υ.Γ. τωρα γιατι Cannonball ???

Aπο τις 2 γνωστες ταινιες των 80ς ...
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Εντωμεταξυ στην Cannonball την Outrun Virtual Machine ,ο δημιουργος της Chris White εχει κανει θαυματα

,οσων αφορα τις προσθηκη νεων features

  • 60 fps gameplay (smoother than the original game)
  • True widescreen mode (extend the play area by 25%)
  • High Resolution mode (improves sprite scaling)
  • Time Trial Mode
  • Cheats
  • Customisable Music
  • High Score Saving
  • Western, Japanese & prototype track support
  • Analog & Digital controllers supported
  • Force Feedback / Haptic support (Windows only)
  • Fixes bugs present in the original game

-,οπως και στα πραγματακια που βρισκει frames απο ending/sprites που δεν χρησιμοποιηθηκαν,easter eggs e.t.c.) που τελικα ψαχνωντας στο ενδελεχως τον κωδικα του arcade .


Tελος φτιαχνει ενα track editor !!!!! ,


ναι καλα ακουσατε ,το οποιο θα εχει τα παρακατω χαρακτηριστικα Features :

Plan for the initial release is as follows:

The editor will be a separate application from Cannonball.

The editor will be developed in C++ and QT. This will support a solid cross-platform GUI.

The editor will use Cannonball to preview the final level in some kind of debug mode.

The editor will output to a format compatible with Cannonball, and the original OutRun hardware. So you could potentially play the best levels on original hardware.

The following features will be supported: Road path/direction, road width, road height, scenery & track debris placement, road palettes.

Future releases could include additions like:

Road texture editor.

Sprite editor.

Sprite palette editor.

Kαι στο παρακατω video βλεπετε την Wip λειτουργικοτατη εκδοση του editor αν και WIP ακομα, το οποιο μπορεις να εισαγεις και να μεταβαλεις κατα το δοκουν πιστες του Outrun ,τις οποιες κατοπιν μπορειτε να παιξετε στο Cannonball την OUTRUN Virtual Machine .

>>> οι λατρεις του παιχνιδιου ΔΕΙΤΕ ΤΟ Video KAI θα ΠΑΘΕΤΕ


Cannonball 0.19 - OpenGL Rendering

Cannonball 0.19 - OpenGL Rendering

I've updated Cannonball to support OpenGL rendering. This means:

Large performance improvement, especially when using full-screen mode.

Scanlines can now be used in both full-screen and stretch modes.

Filtering can be toggled in the config.xml for a softer look, similar to MAME.

The old software renderer will still be supported, but is toggled at compile time by unsetting the OPENGL flag in your build.cmake file.

There are a few other improvements rolled into this build:

A minor bug was fixed in the road rendering. This occasionally caused road pixels furthest into the horizon to be displayed at the wrong position.

In widescreen mode, sprite clipping is now correct, so sprites close to the camera aren't deactivated so aggressively. This is most noticeable on levels with wide grassy strips etc.

I'd consider this build beta for now. Please try it out and let me know if you spot any problems. If I haven't broken anything along the way, I will update the main page. Then it's back to LayOut, which has been neglected a little lately.
Το κατεβαζετε απο εδω :arrow: http://massdestruction.co.uk/outrun/cannonball-v019-w32.zip .


http://www.ebay.es/itm/181164197253#ht_1246wt_1186 , outrun γραβατα 377? κλεινει σε λιγοτερο απο 2 ωρες ,προλαβαινετε δεν προλαβαινετε ...



Υ.Γ. του offtopic

Εσεις οι κυριες που δεν αφηνετε να στησουμε μια Outrun καμπινα προφασιζομενες το χωρο ,αφηστε μας να παρουμε μια γραβατουλα ή ακομα καλυτερα καντε τη μας δωρο . :diablotin:
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Unfortunately, it's using the software renderer for now. The OpenGL renderer would need a rewrite to make it WebGL compatible. It doesn't just work out of the box.

The speed is reasonable at 30fps currently, although a little choppy in places. I'm not sure what kind of improvement I could expect if I rewrote the renderer...

If anyone is desperate to work on this further, I can check my work into git for them to mess around with. I may work further on this in the short-term or I may switch back to LayOut again!

I also tested on my Samsung Galaxy S3 phone. It runs pretty well on the Firefox Beta browser (maybe at around 20fps). There's no way to actually control the game though! It runs like a dog on Chrome.

Το πρωιμο αποτελεσμα της αποπειρας μεσω emscripten το οποιο ~μετατρεπει C++ code σε Javascript. (LLVM bitcode σε Javascript) να το κανει port σε javasript αρα playable μεσω browser .

Για περισσοτερες technicalities εδω >>>> http://reassembler.blogspot.gr/2013/07/ ... owser.html
Nemo είπε:

http://www.ebay.es/itm/181164197253#ht_1246wt_1186 , outrun γραβατα 377? κλεινει σε λιγοτερο απο 2 ωρες ,προλαβαινετε δεν προλαβαινετε ...

Προβολή συνημμένου 82526

Προβολή συνημμένου 82527

Υ.Γ. του offtopic

Εσεις οι κυριες που δεν αφηνετε να στησουμε μια Outrun καμπινα προφασιζομενες το χωρο ,αφηστε μας να παρουμε μια γραβατουλα ή ακομα καλυτερα καντε τη μας δωρο . :diablotin:

Πόοοοοοσοοοοοοο?????? :brick:

Άσε, προτιμάμε την καμπίνα - θα την αξιοποιήσουμε κιόλας! :biglaugh:
LayOut editor,road/level editor>Outrun





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Εξαιρετικη φαση!! Χρονος να υπαρχει...



LayOut: A Track Editor For OutRun

It's finally here. Create your own OutRun tracks and edit the original ones.


  • Track Editing: Create your own OutRun tracks from scratch
  • Import: Edit original OutRun tracks and supporting data
  • Scenery Pattern editor
  • Height Pattern editor
  • Road, Sky & Ground Palette editing
  • Realtime Preview
  • Export and play tracks using CannonBall.
  • Export to original arcade ROMs coming soon.
Κατεβαζετε τον Layout track editor 0.1 απο εδω

>> https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/75757626/LayOut/LayOut-v01-win32.zip

Πριν ξεκινησετε ΔΤΓΟ/RTFM


ενω μπορειτε να περασετε και απο τα φρεσκοφτιαγμενο φορουμ


για να μοιραστητε αποριες,bugs,και χειροποιητα tracks φτιαγμενα με τα χερακια σας :p

Κι ενω μολις πριν λιγες μερες (ουτε καν βδομαδα) ειχαμε την πρωτη εκδοση

του Layout track/level editor για Outrun

,κι παρολο που το νεο δεν εχει "επικοινωνηθει " ιδιαίτερα απο τον δημιουργο του

εχουμε κιολας τo πρωτo δειγμα απο νεα πιστα σε πρωιμο σταδιο ,το οποιο μπορειτε

να κατεβασετε απο το φορουμ του εδω

>>> http://www.shadow-eclipse.net/reassembler/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=4

για να την δοκιμασετε (cannonball -file test.bin ,οπου test.bin το ονομα του νεου LayOut track/level που θα φορτωσετε )

Eνω ανανεωθηκε και ο Layout tracκ/level editor για Outrun στην 0.11 μια bugfix εκδοση


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(σαν να εχει καιρο να ανανεωθει το thread .... )

CannonBall 0.3


- Widescreen tilemap support for music selection screen.

- Widescreen support for map screen. The sea on the left now extends further.

- Freeplay Mode (enabled in config.xml for now)

- Optional Timing Fixes (enabled in config.xml for now)

Download >>> CannonBall 0.3 για Windows - OpenGL Rendering η οποια προαπαιτει και τη εγκατασταση επισης

του Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86)

Download >>> CannonBall 0.3 για Windows - Software Rendering σε περιπτωση που αντιμετωπισεται compatibility issues με την προηγουμενη ( OpenGL Rendering) .

ενω γινεται δουλεια για porting στο Android

:arrow: http://octo-dev.co.uk/projects/octo/outrun/

To CannonBall-η Outrun VirtualMachine- τρεχοντας στην Force-Dynamics 401CR Motion Platform

Τι εστι Force-Dynamics 401CR Motion Platform ???

Το τελευταιο δημιουργημα της Force Dynamics ,που κατασκευαζει 3D εξομοιωτες οδηγησης /εξομοιωτες οδηγησης ,που κινουνται σε 3 αξονες, ωστε ο οδηγος τους να νιωσει τις ιδιες δυνάμεις ,που νιωθει ,οταν κινειται με αληθινο αυτοκινητο(Φτανοντας ως και το 1 g σε πλευρικες και εγκαρσιες επιταχύνσεις). source

Δηλαδη μαλλον το απολυτο μιλωντας για sim racing(το αμεσως μετα τους simulators που χρησιμοποιουνται στην Formula 1).

Οσο για την τιμη.

-(Για φορεστε την ζωνη σας πρωτα)-

~100.000$ :eek:

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@ Μaddog Γιατρε μαζευε ευρω γιατι βρεθηκε η επομενη αγορα σου :p
Βασανιζομαι με τον SuperModel και εφερα απο την αποθηκη το Logitech Precision Wheel για το πρωτο ΧΒΟΧ.

Αφου μου βγηκε η Παναγια να το στησω με XBCD driver στα Windows 7 και ελιωσα στα αναποδα του SegaRally2 και το χειρουργικο Scud ειπα να κουλαρω και να δοκιμασω το Cannonball (που πραγματευεται το παρον thread)

Δυσκολευτηκα να το στησω λιγο διοτι το Cannonball δεν επελεγε το τιμονι αν ειχα το 360 controller συνδεδεμενο (διαλεγε αυτο)

Το εβγαλα, διαλεξα Analog Wheel Only (διοτι το συγκεκριμενο τιμονι δεν εχει τα πεταλια σε axis) και ανοιξα το config.xml για να βαλω με το χερι τα Accelerate/Brake διοτι απο το Redifine Keys μου τα εβαζε λαθος (μονο τα δυο συγκεκριμενα πληκτρα)

Δεν εχω καταφερει παντως να ενεργοποιησω το haptic mode (το τιμονι εχει Rumble και οχι ForceFeedback)

Εβαλα ολα τα Enhancements στο On, ανοιξα το subwoofer και...μαγεια...

Μεταφερθηκα κατευθειαν σχεδον 30 χρονια πισω σε καποιο παραθαλλασιο χωριο της Κορινθιας που παραθεριζα και ελιωνα τον πατερα μου στη τρακα για εικοσαρικα. Αλλη φαση το τιμονι. Ειχα να παιξω με τιμονι στο PC καμια δεκαετια...

Μπραβο Nemo που μας κρατας ενημερους για τετοια διαμαντακια.
OutRun turns 30 this year, and what better way to celebrate its legacy than with the release of Alex Bartholomeus' OutRun Software Development Kit (SDK).
The SDK allows you to compile C and C++ code to target the original OutRun hardware. The package includes:

A fully working GCC C cross compiler

A mostly working GCC C++ cross compiler (with a large memory footprint)

Shared library code including input handling, palette setup, tilemap rendering, sprites, text display and even menu functionality.

Example programs

An optional bootloader. If you don't want to program EPROMs each time, you can build a nifty interface to send your code directly to the original hardware.

Here are some example programs that Alex has coded to demonstrate what you can easily achieve. The source code to these programs is included in the package.

There are plenty of cool uses for this SDK. On a basic level it could be used for the creation of test programs to debug and fix original boardsets. Alternatively, you could even use it to create an entirely new game! Whilst you'd lose some performance and memory by coding in C or C++ as opposed to pure 68k assembler, you'd gain the ability to swiftly create and debug code and port existing software.
Download >>> Out Run: The Arcade Software Development Kit ( by Alex Bartholomeu)

Προέλευση >>> http://reassembler.blogspot.gr/2016/...pment-kit.html



- Install anywhere on your Amiga.

- You need Outrun Revision B ROM files. They go in the ROMS subfolder.

- Click the CannonBall icon and enjoy :)




5 - Insert Coin

1 - Start Game

Z - Accelerate

X - Brake

Space - Change Gears

Cursor Left/Right - Move Car

or Plug Joystick in Port 2

Button 1 - Accelerate

Button 2 - Brake

Up - Change Gears

Left - Move Car Left

Right - Move Car Right

ESC - Quit to Workbench
H CannonBall - The Enhanced Outrun Engine -η virtual machine για να απολάυσετε το αυθεντικό OUTRUN arcade

-μετά από την έκδοση για AmigaOS 4- μέσω του Modern Vintage Gamer(lantus360) έρχεται στην κλασσική Amiga μεν

(υπό την προυπόθεση να είναι "τούμπανο" δε ).

Με κάποιες hardware προυποθέσεις δηλαδή,

A very very fast Classic Amiga. Vampire 2 with Gold 2 core or betterrecommended :)

- Picasso96 RTG.
και παράλληλα με κάποιες μικρές θυσίες/υποχωρήσεις σε επίπεδο


-The background graphics/ Some of the shadow sprites have

been disabled in favor of a few more FPS.
-και ήχου

- Yamaha YM2151 and PCM sounds have been replaced with .mod files
χωρίς να επηρεάζουν τον πυρήνα του παιχνιδιού το gameplay.

Και βέβαια μελλοντικά ...

- Many of the enhanced CannonBall features are disabled but will be added infuture updates.

Direct d/load link >>> http://aminet.net/game/race/CannonBall.lha

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