Final beta for JavaCPC


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23 Ιουλ 2007
New beta is available!

(Click image to see fullsized screenshot)

Today I uploaded a new and already much more stable version of JavaCPC!

As you can see in the version no. (0.9f) it's the last beta until I'll do the next official release.

You can download your copy here:

(The files are sorted by date, so you should be able to find the correct version)


- JavaCPC Paint:

- TGA images are suported for import

- Easier method to change colour of pen: Double click on pen in list to the right side of paint or right click on it to change it's ink

- Small improvements in conversion algorithm and also in EffectMixer.

- Desktop:

- New desktop apps. like JavaCPC Chat or SubPop Radio

- Over 3000 Wallpapers available for direct-to-wallpaper-download in Desktop settings (When JavaCPC is registered)

And soooooooooooooooo much more :D

Please notice:

- JavaCPC Desktop works best with Windows. All external applications like Manage DSK or other commandline based tools don't work on Mac or Linux and also I cannot say how the emulator behaves if you try them.

- You need administrator privileges on your system to let JavaCPC Desktop work properly.

- Registration is ABSOLUTELY free and is not obligatory to use the most important emu features. It's only needed for some "special" applications.

- The menu is already cleared a bit up but still is messy and may not work as you suggest.

Always important:

Please inform me about bugs or problems.

JavaCPC has an internal bug report which may help you:

- Open JavaCPC Console (on desktop)

- Enter command "bug" (without the quotes)

- Fill out the form and send your report

- 2 mails are sent: 1 for me and a copy to your given mail address.

(Registered users don't need to fill out name, mail and security code!)