Franco's MW / LW / SW radio scan list


15 Mαϊ 2010
Let's take this occasion and let's insert a complete MW bandscan list (I'm working on it since the year of 1994-95, so it's constantly changing and updating...) If someone of you is curious to try a MW listening in Greece, I would like to propose my list as a help... (since I live on the Ionian sea coast in Apulia, the area of covering signals is very similar to Greece...)

HOW TO USE THE LIST: is very simple, you will find the frequency, then the name of the station, and where possible the location of the transmitter... Have fun !!!!

531 rta (algeria)

540 kossuth radio (hungary)

549 radio koper (slovenia) (very rarely)

558 radio romania actualitati

567 rai radiouno (caltanissetta,sicily, italy)

576 swr contra (germany) that rebroadcast "MDR INFO" in the night

585 rtt (tunisia)

594 hr info (germany) that rebroadcast "SWR 2" (classical music)

603 radio romania actualitati

612 bh radio jedan (bosnia)

630 rtt (tunisia) even in the day time and in the night hours overlaid radio romania actualitati (timisoara ???? i don't know)

648 bbc world service (orfordness, england)

657 rai radiouno (marcianise,campania) even in the day time

665 ert filia and voice of greece (greece)

675 libyan jamahiriya broadcasting corporation (libya, benghazi) even in the day time and in the night hours overlaid also radio maria (ex arrow classic rock) from lopik, holland

684 radio belgrade (serbia)

693 rai radiouno (masseria telesca,potenza,basilicata, received also in Palaiokastritsa, Kerkyra, in the day time) and in the night hours a DRM from rai siziano (milan)

702 china radio international (relay from monaco)

711 libyan jamahiriya broadcasting corporation (tobruk ??? libya) in the night there is the program "voice of africa"

729 era net (greece) very strongly

738 radio nacional de espana (palau de plegamans,barcellona,spain)

747 radio bulgaria

756 radio romania actualitati and overlaid deutschland radio from koln, germany

765 rsr option musique (switzerland)

774 el shark el awsat ("middle east radio" ertu, egypt)

783 bsksa (saudi arabia)

792 era sport (greece unid, perhaps malgara ????) and sometimes overlaid france info (unid)

801 on drei radio (bayerischer rundfunk, munchen, germany)

810 radio skopye

819 ertu (egypt) misr al arabiya, main general program

837 france info

846 DRM test of rai from rome

855 radio romania actualitati

864 ertu (egitto) holy quran service

873 rai radiouno (talsano,taranto) even in the day time and during the night hours overlaid the AFN network from germany (it rebroadcasts also the ESPN sports radio)

882 radio crna gora (montenegro)

891 radio 538 (from holland, surprising peaks for only 2 Kw transmitter in zwolle)

900 bsksa (al qurayyath, saudi arabia) and starting from the dusk there is overlaid the rai from siziano (milan)

909 radio cluj (romania)

918 radio slovenia

936 radio ucraina and overlaid rai radiouno (trapani,sicily)

945 france info

954 era diktyo heraklion (heraklion,greece)

963 rtt (tunisia)

972 libyan jamahiriya broadcasting corporation (may it be misurata, libya ????) and overlaid ndr info (hannover, germany)

981 era sport (greece) very strong and clear signal and overlaid very poorly the RTA from ouled fayet (algeria)

990 radio sawa (relay from cyprus)

999 voice of russia (grigoriopol,moldova) and overlaid of rai radiouno (perugia), cadena cope (spain) and IRIB (iran broadcasting service) with holy quran service

1008 era diktyo kerkyra (kerkyra, greece) even in the day time, and during the night hours very poor overlaids of groetnieuws radio (holland) and cadena ser (alicante, spain)

1017 swr contra (wolfsheim,germany) that rebroadcasts in the night the "MDR INFO" radio station, very strong signal

1035 rai radiouno (specchia,lecce) even in the day time

1044 ert 3 radiofonikos stathmos makedonias 102 fm (thessaloniki,greece,very strong signal) and sometimes there are poor overlaids of an unid swr contra/mdr info from germany

1053 radio iasi (romania) but also very strong overlaids of libyan jamahiriya broadcasting corporation

1062 rai radiouno (ancona)

1080 era diktyo orestiada (orestiada,greece)

1089 voice of russia (unid)

1098 radio patria (bratislava,slovakia)

1107 radio belgrade (serbia)

1116 rai radiouno (ceglie del campo,bari) even in the day time and sometimes in the night hours there is an overlaid of radio novi sad (serbia)

1125 libyan jamahiriya broadcasting corporation

1134 voice of croatia (zadar,rasinovac,croatia)

1152 radio romania actualitati

1161 irib iran broadcasting service

1170 voice of russia (tblisskaya, byelorussia)

1179 radio romania actualitati

1188 magyar radio from hungary

1197 radio brasov from romania

1206 france info

1215 china radio international even in the day time (relay from fllake, albania) and in the night hours an overlaid of voice of russia (probably bolshakovo ????)

1224 radio bulgaria

1242 france info

1251 libyan jamahiriya broadcasting corporation (tripoli, tarabulus, libya, double program of "voice of africa" in the night hours) and overlaids in the night hours of two transmitters of kossuth radio from hungary

1278 france bleue (strasburgo,france) very good music on friday and saturday nights

1296 cadena cope (valencia,spain) but also a DRM from BBC world service based in orfordness (england) and radio christo botev (very creepy classical dark music from bulgaria)

1314 rai radiouno (matera,basilicata) even in the day time and in the deep night hours an overlaid of era diktyo tripolis from greece

1323 voice of russia

1332 radio romania actualitati

1341 magyar katholicus radio (hungary)

1350 radio orient (beirut,libano)

1359 radio nacional de espana in drm

1368 radio romania actualitati

1377 france info

1386 before there was the ERT from greece with the ERA2 program, nowadays there is a greek pirate (radio makedonia or something similar)

1395 radio tirana from fllake (albania) and during the night hours there is an overlaid of "the big L radio" a station from england with tx in trintelhaven, holland

1404 era diktyo komotini (komotini,greece)

1413 voice of russia

1422 deutschland radio (saarbruecken,germany)

1431 rai radiouno (foggia) and very strong overlaids of radio sawa (relay from djibouti) and 1431 am thessaloniki (the station of the students of the local university)

1440 rtl luxembourg

1449 rai radiouno (squinzano,lecce) even in the day time, but in the night hours this signal is completely covered by the libyan jamahiriya broadcasting corporation

1458 unified programs of radio tirana and china radio international (relay fllake ????)

1467 radio maria france (from france) or evangeliums rund funk

1485 era diktyo patra (patras,greece)

1494 radio frequenza mora (corsica,france)

1503 radio zavidovici (bosnia)

1512 era diktyo chania (chania,crete island,greece)

1521 bsksa (saudi arabia, very strong signal)

1530 vatican radio

1548 voice of russia (from grigoriopol, moldova)

1557 france info from nice, france

1565 radio asteras (greek pirate from kilkis, very very very very strong signal and very good old greek music !!!!)

1566 air all india radio

1575 rai radiouno (portofino,liguria)

1584 radio studio x (momigno,tuscany,italy)

1593 radio romania actualitati also in DRM but in the last summer of 2009 there was also a greek pirate radio without name

1602 cadena ser (spain) and two overlaids: era diktyo kozani (kozani, greece) and on the month of july 2009 another greek pirate with no name

1611 vatican radio (mixed mode analogic and DRM)

The pirates from Greece and Holland are listed in the previous posts (from 1620 and goin on...)
A note.

665 ert filia and voice of greece (greece) is actually on 666 but they do not SAY it.


See :

Give me a moment my friend and I will also insert some other material regarding other MW-LW and SW receptions here :D

So, here we go !!!!

This is a brief summary of the LW radio stations that I have received in my little town nearby the Ionian sea...

153 antena satelor (societatea romana de radiodifuziune from romania)

162 radio france inter

171 radio mediterranee 1 (from morocco)

177 deutschland radio (mixed analogic and DRM mode)

183 radio europe one (probably from england ????)

198 bbc radio 4 (england)

207 deutschland radio (zehlendorf, germany)

216 radio montecarlo rmc sport (roumoules, monaco)

225 poland radio

234 rtl luxembourg

252 rta (algeria)

261 radio horizont (bulgaria)

270 radiozurnal (czech republic)

279 belaruskaye radio (byelorussia)

Coming next a brief SW summary...

(btw, thank you Kostas for the video !!!!)
Here it is also a brief list of the SW radio stations that I have received... I have excluded the spy stations and the numbers stations, or the polytonic signals and the jammers because it was a very difficult operation and I have put only the identified radios that I was able to catch here...


2310 vl8a alice springs (australia)

2339 a fisherman from Sicily

3215 wwcr from nashville, united states

3320 zonder grense from south africa

4010 kyrghyzistan radio

4320 diego garcia

4780 radio djibouti

4845 radio cultura de manaus from brazil

4885 radio clube do para' from brazil

5025 radio rebelde from cuba

5987 myanmar radio

6055 radio kigali from rwanda

6170 voice of russia (voce della russia, italian program service)

6925 in the past there was "spider radio" from athens, greece

7160 radio amica from italy

9526 voice of indonesia

11645 ert filia and voice of greece

11725 radio new zealand

13300 johannesburg airport south africa


thanks also to my friend Dario Monferini from Milan that helped me a lot...
Τελευταία επεξεργασία από έναν συντονιστή:
your lists are awesome! can't wait to find a radio with MW / LW / SW choices (unfortunately i don't have one yet :( ) !

i have a question,ert filia has english programs only?
Hi my friend krem13 !!!! Well, I have found this for you about ERT Filia... btw, in the night hours the station links with Kosmos 93.6 and rebroadcasts this other ERT station...

And if you are searching for a cheap and powerful radio receiver, please allow me to give some suggestions to you:

This is the one that I own for my MW-LW and SW dx-ing experiments... the HAV-PR40 model from Konig brand...

(the Konig HAV-PR40 that here in Italy costs approximately 20 euros...)

Or there is also this Chinese radio equipment that is very very very very good and accurate, with high sensitivity... the KIPO brand model KB-AC807B... tested and approved !!!!

(here the reception of the pirates in X-band is excellent, although it has got analogic and no digital tuning... btw, even if the maximum limit declared is 1605 kHz in MW X-band, if you force a little bit the tuning knob and push it to the maximum limit, you can receive a lot of pirates... for example, you can fix it and mantain it with a screwdriver...)

Anyway, these are my "secret dreams"... who knows probably one day I will be able to purchase one of them... they are really expensive...
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Franco, we are members of 1431 am thessaloniki (the station of the students of the local university). (Thessaloniki-Greece) the station is on air at 1431KHz every day, all day. I would like to tell me if you have hear us in radio and where? (location). Also, please try to listen us now. We have started to broadcast since November of 2010 with new transmitter. The power now is about 280watt R.F and the antenna is inverted-L 5/16. thank you very much
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