Greek AM Radio


15 Mαϊ 2010
I don't believe to my eyes... a topic that talks about Greek pirate radio stations !!!! :)

Well, I would like also to propose my contribute on this topic, inserting some of them that I can receive here in medium waves since approximately twenty years... this is an extract from a frequencies list of the medium wave radio stations that I can receive here where I live (by the way, I have tried to identify the names and the towns, but I'm not sure... any type of help would be more than welcome...)

1620 radio ouranio toxo (larissa) QSL

1622 two stations alternated, radio pilio from volos and radio kallitehnikos (I have received it only one time)

1624 unid greek pirate with 80's and 90's dance music and sometimes with some religious programs (I think it repeats a Greek church radio network, but I'm not sure...)

1625 radio nikos dynamitis (this is for sure from tyrnavos) QSL

1626 radio delta dimitris (from veria)

1629 radio anatolia (kyriakos from kilkis) QSL

1630 radio asteras (may it be from kilkis, and broadcasts also on 1565 kilohertz...)

1632 radiofonikos stathmos eptanisa (may it be a fisherman or a QSO station from kerkyra or kefalonia, but I'm not sure...)

1636 radio baroness (this is not from Greece but from Holland, it's also called "KING BARO")

1642 radio delta (probably the most folkloristic Greek pirate radio, may it be from giannitsa)

1647 zender armada (this is not from Greece but from Holland)

1650 radio samurai (may it be from kalamata)

1680 radio alfa ena (probably from larissa)

1694 radio parizionos (and probably also this is from larissa)

... and, thanks to those pirates, I have started to discover and appreciate the old traditional Greek music that I like very much !!!!

demis είπε:
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For sure my friend, he is Harri Kujala from Naantali in Finland, one of the well known radio dx-er in Europe... But also two Italian "crazy" guys, Dario Monferini and Giampiero Bernardini, had received a lot of Greek pirates... you can take a look here:

1628,1 05...10/2 1858...0230 Greek pirate on/off

1630,1 05/2 0705-0712 UNID Greek pirate, blastering Testing "ena ena ena

dia tria...." on this X-band channel .... so be very careful....

1632,7 05...09/2 1645....2355 UNID Greek pirate, with liscas turk/greek

songs melodias ..... Monster signal 9+40 db

1635 05/2 1800-1803* Tornado, Dutch pirate, Ids suff/good

1638,1v 05/2 1810-1830 UNID Greek pirate, with sirtaki melodias. monster

signals 9+40 db V.good

1643,2 05+09/2 1715....0200 Dramas Microphonis, Greek pirate with very

good Mix disco dance... (like an FM station in London !!!) good/v.good

1645,2 05/2 2330-2355 R. Barones, dutch pirate, sending greetings to other

pirate & listeners good/v.good

1655,3-1657,2 05/2 -1643*,1720- UNID Greek pirate, TX problems, on/off

....blastering and moving up and down +/- 15 kHz,

1660,6 05+09/2 1812-1830 UNID Greek pirate, bad modulation, TX on/off

drifting ....

1670,2 05+08/2 0045....1642 UNID Greek pirate, at 0045 with INDIAN sitar

music ....

1675,8 05+06/2 0544-0634 UNID Greek pirate, with disco mix no stop ....

good audio .... v.good

1677 07/2 0235-0242 Mariehamn Radio, Turku, Finland, maritime service with

info for fisher man in Baltic sea.... in finnish. suff/good

1679,2-1629,5 05/2 1815-1839 UNID Greek pirate, non stop SALSA music Mix

.... talks in greek .... v.good

1684,5 05/2 1615-1630 UNID Greek pirate, disco mix greek sounds. v.good

1687,3 08/2 0048-0053 Helladio Radio, Greek pirate..... blasting on 1690


1695,5 05+09/2 1730-1739* UNID Greek pirate, testing his TX, off after 9

minutes driving up/down 16 kHz

1701,3 09/2 2030-2032*,2339- Galaxias amatori, UNID pirate Greek , testing

and "fighting" with another one clobbering the same frequency...

1706,5 05/2 1639-1644 UNID Greek pirate, with Sirtaki sounds no stop. good

1708,8 05/2 1635-1659 Pireus Dekafonis v.good

1718,6 05/2 1615-1619 UNID pirate, UNID country, folk songs... good

1725,8 09/2 2040-2044 Podgoriza Radia Studio Nesto, UNID pirate, folk music,

sending greetings to listeners. Good

And a little gift...
Τελευταία επεξεργασία από έναν συντονιστή:
This is a gift that a friend of mine from Heraklion sent to me last night... and I would like to post the videos here so also all of you can enjoy... you can't imagine all the nights that I spend listening to these type of emissions !!!! (Greek MW pirates comes very strongly here in southern Italy where I live...)

You are welcome my friend !!!!! A very big pleasure for me and I'm glad you liked it !!!!

(thanks also to Wally who splitted the topic... thank you my friend !!!! :) )

Meanwhile, I have found also these... the Sangean ATS-909 (my secret dream haha !!!!)

I receive Greek pirate radio stations every night in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.
Sometimes I log received stations on
Radio receiver used: CCrane Radio 2E + External antenna Diamond D-303
Would be nice if I could identify some of the stations or even contact them.
Greetings from Romania, Emil.
for my thesis, as an electrical engineering major in the college of Kozani, W.Macedonia, Greece, I chose to build and operate an 60 W AM transmitter, complete with antenna! For the oscillator I chose the 6C4 tube, triode HF oscillator, and for power stage the 807, pentode! The AM transmitter need an audio amp with the same power, thus I bought also an 60 W audio amp! Very interesting, with heavy transofrmers for modulation, high voltage was 1200 volts, although I didn't complete the thesis as I was drafted into the army and didn't have computer access to write the accompanying book. I did a theoretical thesis here in Iraklion college, Crete.