JavaCPC 6.6.4 released


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23 Ιουλ 2007
Hi together,

I decided to release v.6.6.4 of JavaCPC.

It has many improvements and some new features:

- Debugger improvements (Breakpoints, Break Instructions)- Tape polarity changeable (Needed for some strange tapes)

- New displaying method allows DoubleBuffered in actual JAVA-update

- A virtual floppy drive as anchor window, moveable with mouse and

zoomable (Double click with left/right mousebutton into the drive)

- Simple GIF-Recorder (Not perfect, but funny)

- New screenshot routine (Allows to catch also the filter/monitor mask)

- New greenscreen emulation

- Improved display filter (needs high performance PC's)

- JavaCPC's window position is stored now on exit

- Added Prodatron's Digitracker tools as internal applications

(MOD converter and Player generator)

- CRTC improvements allow the demo "From Scratch" to be viewed fully

- Small bugfix in FDC emulation (allows to watch raster images

from ConvImgCPC without read error)
For coders, the most useful things will be the new debugger features "Breakpoints" and "Break Instructions"


Break Instruction does the same than WinApe's feature:

It stops the emulation and opens the debugger when ED,FF is reached.

"Breakpoints" are already part in older versions, but now you can enable/disable them in debugger window. They are also more exact now. (Strange things happen during z80 cycles ;D )

You can download your copy of JavaCPC as usual here:

Sourceforge project page seems to have problems... (I hope it will be available there, too, soon)