21 Σεπ 2008
This book idea, was originally conceived in my mind through reading a book about runes, the idea of Symbols replacing the zeroʼs and ones of a binary code, seem so exciting for me.

This idea motivated me to start a historical research about computer languages and computers in general, starting from 1940ʼs computers and finishing about our eraʼs expert systems.

This book is aiming for the person with average computer knowledge. Simply because I believe I have average computer knowledge, more spherical I could say.

Through reading this book you will receive a step by step theoretical back up, which will provide you the necessary knowledge in order to start your own practical implementations, or to enrich or correct mine.

As I am not pretending to play the role of an expert developer, I try to set a theoretical basis of a new computer language UCL.

UCL is a symbolic language, with Uthark runes and other runic combinations to declare particular programming statements.

As you reading the first version of UCL, you may encounter many errors both in coding and on theoretical concepts.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you wish to contribute, correct ,or simply to help to take UCL to the next level. From an idea to an actual programming language.

As you reading this e-book to various forums, you can contact me, if this e-book reached you in form of a file you can contact me in natsekos papaki gmail com or nicksofar papaki yahoo.com

Hope you enjoy my work,

Nikolaos A. Tsekos

the e-book can be download here, in pdf form

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