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19 Ιαν 2006
Ο Βασιλιας επιστρεφει εν ειδει τριλογιας.

Ξαναδειτε το trailer απο την E3 2011 να το εμπεδωσετε.

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To ανοιξες ε;

Ειπα μπας και γλυτωναμε το Believe και το ξαναfinish the fight,απο το '06 με αυτα παλευουμε.

Ti να κανουμε αφου το ανοιξες με το καλο να ερθει.
Μετά το Reach είπα να πατήσω φρένο στις προσδοκίες μου για την σειρά, πήρε τον δρόμο της βαρεμάρας. Ίσως αυτό φρεσκάρει λίγο γιατί φτιάχνεται απο άλλους.
Το HALO REACH εμένα μου άρεσε πόλύ πάντως! Μετα την πατατα (κατ' εμε) HALO: ODST,τουλαχιστον εδωσε ένα νεο ενδιαφέρον στην σειρά.

Ελπιζω το 4 να αφησει εποχη οπως το HALO και HALO 2! Αναμένω αγωνιωδώς σαν γνήσιος XBOXακιας!
Τελευταία επεξεργασία από έναν συντονιστή:
Cortana: "They're coming back ... and there's a LOT more of them this time"

Aρκετα διαφωτιστικο αρθρο απο το Eurogamer.

Επισης καποιο τσακαλι στο GAF βρηκε μια λιστα των recruits της 343

Design:- Scott Warner @scott_343

- Jesse Snyder - (former Call of Duty lead designer, creator of Nazi Zombies) @thejessesnyder

- Jason Behr (Metroid Prime 1/2)

- Chris Haluke (Design Lead on Killzone 3)

- Dan Callan @danjamin

- Paul Parsons @paul_par

- M.E. Chung @lizmechung

- Kevin Franklin @kevin_franklin

- Paul Ehreth (Shadowrun)

- Kendall Deacon Davis

- Jonathan Schwartz (UI Design)

- Chris King (Volition)

- Kynan Pearson (Metroid Prime series)

- Chad Armstrong - Shishka (apparently he's doing the Achievements and Terminals in CEA -yeah i wrote that around e3 time, and i can't remember where i read that)

Art and Animation:

- Ryan Payton (Metal Gear Solid 4) @ryanpayton

- Vic Deleon (Halo: Reach) @vicdeleon

- Paul Pepera (Doom 4)

- Donnie Taylor (ex-Bungie contract)

- Wei Wiharjo Chen (The Saboteur)

- Jonathan Wood (EA Tiburon)

- Johnny van Zelm (Sony Online Entertainment)

- Mike Murrill (Naughty Dog)

- Daveed Kaplan

- Will Christiansen (contract, ex-Bungie contract)

- Tim Diaz (God of War 3)

- Chris Buckley The_DrMouse (Graphic Designer)

- Neill Harrison (Rare)


- Dan Ayoub @Danayoub (Executive Producer)

- Gavin Carter (Fallout 3, TES: Oblivion) @gavinc343

- Veronica Peshterianu (The Sims 2)

- Corrinne Robinson

- Alex Cutting

- Che Chou (Forza 3) @chespace


- Joe Waters (Shadowrun)

- Matt Brown (Bioshock 2)

- Peter Kugler (Microsoft SDET)

- Zhi Min Chen (KAOS)

- Corrinne Yu (Gearbox)


- Cinematic Director: Brien Goodrich (Forza)

- Composer: Neil Davidge (Massive Attack)

- Audio Director: Sotaro Tojima (Metal Gear Solid 4)

- Schlerf @schlerf (Writer)

Kiki Wolfkill - (Turn10) Producer

Allison Stroll - (MS Publishing) Producer

David Yu - (Pseudo Interactive) - CTO

Bonnie Ross - (MS Publishing) - Group General Manager

Chris Lee - (MS Publishing) - Senior Producer

Humberto Castaneda - (MS Publishing) - Producer/Waypoint

Josh Holmes - (Propaganda Games) - Studio Creative Director

Corrinne Robinson - (McFarlane Toys) - Associate Producer

Scott Parrish - (Industrial Light + Magic) - Lead Creature Technical Director

Christopher French (Propaganda Games) - Designer

Brad Welch - (Pandemic) - Lead Designer

Ray Almaden - (EA/LMNO & Guerrilla Games) - Lead Designer

Armando Troisi - (Bioware & Propaganda) - Narrative Director

Tom French - (Pandemic) - Senior Mission Designer

Dan Ayoub - (Ubisoft & Propaganda) – Producer

Nicolas Bouvier (Sparth) - worked on Prince of Persia stuff and Rage

Tom Scholes - Worked on Guild Wars/GW2

Gabriel Garza (Robogabo) - Guys is insanely good concept designer
Wally, πότε αναμένεται το Halo 4; Έχει ανακοινωθεί τίποτα; Όχι τιποτ' άλλο περιμένω και το Forza 4 και θα πάνε τα έξοδα σύνεφο...!
Καλό και κακό! Καλό γιατί δε θα πέσουν όλα πάνω στα χριστούγεννα, κακό γιατί θα το 'θελα τώρα :)

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να ζεσταινονται τα αιματα...
Δεν ξερω ποιος το ειδε γιατι το εβαλα στο θεμα με τα νεα του xbox360 αλλα απο ενα βιντεακι φανερωθηκε οτι η κυκλοφορια του Halo 4 θα γιννει στης 21 νοεμβριου 2012.
πως να ζεσταθουν αφου οι ανθρωποι μας εχουν απο την Ε3 με ενα αθλιο announcement trailer να περιμενουμε...ουτε μια pic,εχω αρχισει και τρωω τα νυχια μου εδω και μηνες!
Τα πρωτα in-game screenshots


Excited for Halo 4 like we are? Halo has been apart of the Xbox success from day one. Ever since Halo 3 ended, fans have been clamoring to see Master Chief return to the series and thatʼs what fans are getting with this latest installment.
I got my first look at Halo 4 at the Xbox 360 Spring Showcase and as a long time fan of the series; I was instantly blown away with the visual improvements that 343 made to the franchise. The lightening is the biggest showcase of that with environments are brought to life with the new engine 343 have designed. The environmental improvements are highly superior to the original games.

Fans first got to see Master Chief return to the saga when Microsoft showcased the Halo 4 trailer at the end of their of E3 press conference. While it was instantly breathtaking for fans, long time fans brought up a number of issues. The first is a slight change in Master Chief appearance, most notably was a missing cod piece armor. While it was missing, unlike previous E3 launch trailers, that footage wasnʼt in game footage built around the current Halo 4 engine that 343 is using. Thankfully, Master Chief will have everything in order when the game is released, but this is by the best rendition of Master Chief to date.

Itʼs been five years since we last saw Master Chief “finish the fight” and defeat the covenant. With Halo 4 beginning a new trilogy, fans of the franchise will return to the beloved franchise, but Halo 4 offers the best chance for new comers to be introduced to the franchise. The graphical paroles will be great entry point for fans to be swept up in the storm that is Halo when it eventually hits store shelves

Making Halo 4: First Look


  • The story will be the most cinematic Halo experience to date, that will set the stage for the next decade of the franchise.
  • Master Chief is back, and a new ancient and dark threat is going to be thrown at him that will not only test his abilities, but will give players an understanding just who he really is, all while introducing some new gameplay mechanics.
  • Cortana will play a huge part in the story.
  • Master Chiefʼs armor design has been upgraded to provide the functionality needed to convey his power.
  • Story will be darker and more sophisticated than past games.
Halo 4 Coverage Trailer [Game Informer]