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15 Mαϊ 2010
Dear friends,

I am here with this topic because I would like to share with you some images taken from the net that are concerning the "surprises" and the prizes that Italian people could find in the 80's decade when buying the biscuits and the snacks of the "Mulino Bianco" Barilla... a friend of mine who is external to this forum but is Greek and lives in Heraklion said to me that also in his island and in Greece the Mulino Bianco products were and are still known, so I have thought that a short collection would have been appreciated also by everybody of you, my precious Greek friends !!!!! :)

So, let's start...

Woaaa !!! How many surprises are there ????

[edit] Dead pic [edit]

You can put and preserve everything here !!!!

[edit] Dead pic [edit]

My mother said to me: hey, these are made of rubber, they are not to be eaten... haha !!!!

[edit] Dead pic [edit]

A stylish radio receiver with the shape of the "Mulino Bianco" made by GBC Electronics...

[edit] Dead pic [edit]

The clock...

[edit] Dead pic [edit]

Other surprises...

[edit] Dead pic [edit]

The "Soldini", a snack that nowadays is not produced, but in the 80's decade was very sold and really tasty !!!!

[edit] Dead pic [edit]

A jump forward in the 90's... this was a line of really tasty and very good chocolate cookies that Mulino Bianco doesn't produce anymore... nobody has understood why... they were really good... they melt into the milk as a joy !!!!


That's all folks !!!!! :)
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Ι really liked the croissant. It is like a real one!
franco είπε:
Other surprises...

[edit] Dead pic [edit]

Πολυ πλακα!!! :D Αυτον τον δισκο με την θηκη του τον ειχα βρει και εγω στην σοφιτα του αμορε, και ειχα σκασει να μαθω τι στα κερατα ειναι! Στην αρχη νομιζα οτι ανηκε σε καποια αξεσουαρ της Μπαρμπι αλλα δεν μου φαινεται για τυπος που να ειχε ποτε τετοια κουκλομαραφετια! :xm:

Μετα λοιπον σκεφτηκα οτι ειναι απο τα αυγα Κιντερ, αλλα δεν μπορουσα να καταλαβω πως χωρουσε στην θηκη του αυγου.

Τωρα λοιπον ξερω οτι ειναι απο το Μουλινο Μπιανκο!!! :)

Che buffo! :D Questo disco con la sua custodia l'avevo trovato nella soffitta dell'amore e non avevo mai capito da dove cavolo proveniva! All'inizio pensavo che appartenesse agli accessori di Barbie, ma....non mi sembra il tipo che abbia avuto mai delle bambole! :xm:


Poi ho pensato che magari provenissero dalle uova Kinder, ma non mi tornava la misura al'interno dell'uovo.


Ora so da dove provengono! Grazie Franco:D
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Αναστασια just to remind u that this subforum is supposed to be in English only
Hi Franco! I have been several times in Italy and brought back many delicious goodies from your beautiful country. Me and my wife love Bauli's "Morbidi Amici" albicocca and cioccolato, Vitasnella "Cereal-Yo" biscuits (with honey is my favorite) and Mulino Bianco's "Flauti"!! You cannot find any of these in Greece:(
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